Why Use a CFA® Professional?

The Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, CFA, is regarded as one of the most sought after and respected certifications for investment professionals, especially in the area of investment management. According to The Economist, the CFA designation is the gold standard for professionals within the global investment community.

The CFA designation is awarded to investment professionals who have successfully completed the requirements set by the globally recognized CFA Institute. To be eligible for the CFA designation, candidates must attain the following:

1. A minimum of four years of professional investment experience
2. Pass three rigorous six hour exams over a minimum of three years
3. Commit to abiding by the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct

The exams test the candidates’ knowledge of investment theory, ethics, financial accounting and portfolio management. This course of study was formed in 1962 and is constantly updated to ensure that the curriculum meets the dynamic nature and complexity of the global investment profession. Pass rates vary from year to year, but have averaged around 49%.

The CFA Institute is a non-profit professional organization of more than 94,000 financial analysts, portfolio managers and other financial professionals in over 131 countries. In addition to administering the CFA Program, the CFA Institute is also recognized around the world for its investment performance standards, code of ethics and standards of professional conduct. More information can be found at www.cfainstitute.org.

Maureen O’Hern Hahn was awarded CFA charter number 6951 in 1982. She joins other investment professionals who strive to better their skills and knowledge on behalf of their clients and who commit to adhere to a high standard of ethical conduct.